Every year Wales Audit or their agents send the Community Council a card form to complete, the annual return. The forms asks questions about the finances of the community council and it's governance. The finances are covered by accounting statements which summarise the year in question and compares it to the previous year. The governance questions cover the way the council has been run in the year. All the finances and some of the governance questions are covered by the internal auditor who is independent and of standing in the community. The annual return and the external auditors report for each year are presented for download below:

Llanigon Community Council is registered with Powys  County Council. More Information can be found here.

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Audit Wales - Audit Completion Notice 2020-21

Accounting Statement 2019-20

Accounting Statement 2020-21

Audit Wales - Audit Completion Notice 2021-22

Accounting Statement 2021-22

Audit Wales - Audit Completion Notice 2022-23

Accounting Statement 2022-23